$14 Billion in Cash Flow Stability for Local Government since 1984

Advance Funding Program

Sometimes things don't go as planned. Through no fault of your own, you have a timing mismatch between expenses being due and your property tax disbursement. Through the Advance Funding Program, the Indiana Bond Bank offers cash flow stability to units of government through pooled tax anticipation warrants at an all-inclusive competitive rate. Since 1984, the Advance Funding Program has assisted over 250 units of government with $14 Billion in short-term cash flow needs.

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What makes us different

All-Inclusive Rate with No Upfront Costs
30+ Years of Experience
Short Term Cash Flow Financing
Cash Flow Analysis from IBB's Team of Professionals

The process

  1. The Indiana Bond Bank sends you an application packet.
  2. After you submit, the Indiana Bond Bank reviews your application and cash flows.
  3. The Indiana Bond Bank will also provide a sizing analysis stating the amount you are eligible to borrow
  4. You receive all the legal documents you need for local approvals.
  5. The Indiana Bond Bank closes on the transaction and disburses funds to you.
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As Mayor of the City of Evansville, and a participant in the May closing of the 2020 Advance Funding Midyear Program, I would like to thank the Indiana Bond Bank for the quality service that they provided to the city.  In a time of uncertainty for local units of government, education and small business, having the IBB as a trusted source of cashflow stability at an attractive, all-inclusive rate, gave our team at the city one less obstacle to overcome. The IBB team made the process easy for our city and I highly recommend this program to other units of government facing uncertainty in cashflow projections and timing of property tax collections.

The Honorable Lloyd Winnecke Mayor City of Evansville

As a new school business manager, I learned early that the Indiana Bond Bank was a valuable partner for our school district. Everyone I have worked with at IBB has been helpful and gracious in securing Tax Warrant funding for Baugo. IBB has made my job easier and worked with us to accomplish our financial goals.

Zac Quiett Business Manager Baugo Community Schools
Reviews of IBB

Check Back in Spring 2023 for the Next Round of Applications for the Advance Funding Program (Midyear Version).

In the meantime, sign up for the Advance Funding interest list to receive important updates and announcements on the program.

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Other areas we can halp

calculator and budget documents

Fuel Budgeting Program

The fiduciary responsibility for tax dollars is central to your mission as a unit of government. When it comes to predicting budget expenses, that task may feel overwhelming. We live in a world of volatile events, where even the smallest occurrence on the other side of the world can impact Indiana. Particularly with the fuel needed to run key vehicles. With risks everywhere that are out of your control, where can you turn? Thankfully, the Indiana Bond Bank (IBB) has a tool specifically designed to protect your fuel budget against volatile prices. In these times of uncertainty, protecting your fuel budget is more important than ever. Why set your budget up for a headache when you can set it and forget it?

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fire truck

Hoosier Equipment Lease Purchase Program

Simply and quickly access competitive essential equipment financing through the Hoosier Equipment Lease Purchase (HELP) program. Financing through HELP satisfies Indiana's legal requirement to bid the financing, while using a simple 1-page application to connect you to the most competitive rates offered through the IBB’s statewide network of lenders. Our new HELP “Rate Buy-Down Enhancement” now offers the opportunity for even greater savings.

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Interim Loan Program

The Interim Loan Program offers short-term design study and construction cost financing for USDA-Rural Development projects. The process is streamlined through established partnerships and experiences. The program is currently structured to serve design study and construction cost financing needs of municipalities already approved for USDA-RD permanent financing. If you are in need of design study or construction cost financing, but not approved for a USDA-RD loan, please use the "Ask Us a Question" button below to see how we might assist!

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Community Funding Resource Program

Starting a new public project? Thrown off course trying to locate efficient and affordable financing? Need hands-on assistance from experienced professionals? Let the Community Funding Resource (CFR) program get your project headed in the right direction. Through our CFR program, the Indiana Bond Bank offers direct financing for any public projects with a term of less than 10 years. We accept applications on a rolling basis, so tell us a bit more about your project below and we can let you know how the IBB can help!

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