Leaders in Public Finance: Former Indiana Treasurer of State: Kelly Mitchell

Nov 29, 2022

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

Guest: Kelly Mitchell, 55th Indiana Treasurer of State

“Leaders in Public Finance” is a new podcast series through the Indiana Bondcast designed to highlight excellence in public finance. Through this series, you will hear from leaders across the public finance spectrum about their journey to a career in public finance.

To close out this podcast series we are joined by a familiar face to the Indiana Bondcast, the 55th Indiana Treasurer of State and Chair of the Indiana Bond Bank, The Honorable, Kelly Mitchell!

Kelly Mitchell was elected as the 55th Indiana State Treasurer on November 4th, 2014. In this role, Treasurer Mitchell serves as the Chair of the Indiana Bond Bank, the Statewide E-911 Board, the Indiana Education Savings Authority, the ABLE Authority, and the Sole Trustee of the State Police Pension Trust, among a number of other positions. As the state’s chief investment officer, she oversees the management of $10 billion on a daily basis.

Treasurer Mitchell currently serves as Immediate Past President of the National Association of State Treasurers (NAST) and is a member and Past President of the State Financial Officers Foundation (SFOF).

In this podcast you’ll hear from Treasurer Mitchell about:

  • 1 key thing she learned as County Commissioner that she brought to the State Treasurer’s Office
  • How a Masters from the U.S. Army War College changed her leadership style
  • The secret sauce to creating culture
  • The future of the Bond Bank…and more…

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