No Vacancy Signs: Lack of Lodging in Starke County

While Starke County has assets that bring in visitors, such as the Hoosier Valley Railroad Museum, nature preserves, iconic sandhill cranes, several lakes, and more, there is a lack of high quality lodging within the county.

There is one hotel in Knox, rated 2.1/5 stars on Google, and one hotel in North Judson, rated 3.8/5 stars. There are also several Aibnbs, the majority being large lakefront homes intended for entire families looking for a lakeside getaway.

Starke County’s lack of lodging opportunities is a common concern for visitors who do not wish to reserve an entire home and who are looking for higher quality lodging. The lodging issue is also a concern for individuals who are displaced from their homes for various reasons, including natural disasters. Starke County is seeking innovative solutions to accommodate these indivdiuals.