HELP Program

Hoosier Equipment Lease Purchase (HELP) Program


Program Background

The Hoosier Equipment Lease Purchase (HELP) Program was established to assist communities in acquiring essential items of equipment through a standardized and streamlined lease-purchase process. Since 1991, the HELP Program has assisted over 200 communities in obtaining various items of equipment worth over $220 million combined.


Program Benefits

Flexible Lease Structures

We provide lease standard terms through an easy one page application.

Eliminates Bidding

Eliminates the need to bid the financing (IC 5-1.5-8-3 C)). Entities still must follow State law for equipment procurement.

Connect with a Statewide Network of Lenders

Indicative rates are available upon request.

Types of Equipment


    • Police Cars
    • Fire Trucks
    • Ambulances
    • Garbage Trucks
    • Pickup Trucks
    • Tandem Trucks
    • School Buses


    • Voting Equipment
    • Road Graders/Other Highway Equipment
    • Radio and Communications Equipment
    • Computer Systems
    • Sewer Vacs
    • One-to-One Technology
    • School Equipment

Rate Buy Down Program


Closings with Rate Buy Down


Total QE Savings


Average Savings Per QE


Average Basis Points Saved


Total Lease Amount

4.95 YEARS

Total QE Savings

The Process

  • Competitive Terms

    The Bond Bank will assist by placing the lease with the HELP Provider that provides the lowest cost of financing.

  • Lease Application

    The Bond Bank will assist you through the process of leasing the equipment.

  • Closing

    At closing, the HELP Provider will send the documentation for the lease. All payments will be processed by the provider (i.e. banks).

Not quite ready to submit an application?  Fill out a commitment-free equipment inquiry below!

Applications may be submitted at any time.  All applications require review from the Indiana Bond Bank and credit approval from the Bond Bank finance provider.

To get started with the HELP Program, please complete an application.