Fuel Budgeting Program

Protecting Fuel Budgets

About the Program

Fuel prices are volatile and make the budgeting process difficult.  The Fuel Budgeting Program provides a tool for local government to protect against market volatility by acting as insurance against rising and unpredictable fuel prices.  Please contact us at fuel@inbondbank.com to learn more.

The Benefits of Protecting Your Budget

A Resource for Local Government

To insure budgets from volatility in fuel prices

Shared Program Costs

Costs are spread across entities to ensure efficiency

The Fuel Budgeting Process

  • Fuel Purchase

    You continue to purchase fuel from your local provider.

  • Application

    Short application available every September.

  • Level of Participation

    Maximum participation is 80% of annual consumption.

  • Legal Documents

    Participation in the program requires legal paperwork which is provided by the Bond Bank.

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