FFC2020 Attendee and Innovator Guide

Why and Who Should Attend?



This is your chance to make a difference in the local units of governments here in Indiana.  We are looking for entrepreneurs, story tellers, finance majors, professionals, public management majors, business majors, health and environmental subject matter experts etc.   At FFC2020 you will be given the chance to bring your unique solutions to real public finance challenges experienced by our featured 3 units of government.


Over the 18-hour design sprint, you will have the opportunity to work independently or with a team on a solution to the challenge you have chosen.  All teams and individuals will submit a presentation on their solutions to the units of government on Saturday morning and the winning solutions will receive an opportunity to present in front of all sponsoring organizations and subject matter professionals.


Let’s not forget that the event will be packed with activities, giveaways, friends, food and fun!


By the way, did we mention the event is free?


Need 15 more reasons?






Do I need to have finance knowledge?   


No.  No, no, no.  No.  You’re perfect just the way you are.  For one, you may have noticed there are plenty of non-finance challenges to work on.  From health & environment to data geeks, to design thinkers, to tech experts, you are exactly who we are looking for.  A jack of all trades and master of none – you just might be the glue needed to bring a team’s solution together.  Even if you wanted to geek out about a finance challenge, you’ll have content experts on site to assist.  And three, remember that the reason that some of these issues are still issues is that pure finance challenges haven’t worked.  Maybe you’re the one missing piece they’ve needed this whole time.  Destiny baby.

Looking to Join or Create a Team?   


  The Flipping Finance Challenge is providing digital workspace chatrooms to encourage collaboration among attendees through the free online platform Slack.  Each challenge has its own workspace provided at the link below, so if you know that you want to work on a specific challenge, click the link below, create a Slack account (download app if using a mobile device), and type a message into the chatroom to others who are interested in creating a team!  Slack is a great digital way to work in teams, share files, links, updates etc. beyond what we have provided, so feel free to use your new account to create and organize your own teams outside of the larger challenge channel!


Slack Overview and Challenge Workspace Links




$5,000 in total prizes available!

 Audience Vote: $1,000

1st Place: $500 Per Challenge Bank

2nd Place: $250 Per Challenge Bank

Superlative Prizes: $200 Each – Biggest Moonshot, Most Turn Key Solution, Most Creative Pitch,  Best Student Team




Flipping Finance Hoodie

Snow Day Winter Kit

FFC Snowball

8GB Thumb Drive

Indiana Bond Bank Travel Bag

FFC Survival Kit for First 20 Overnighters

Bike Giveaway

Fun, Games, & Tech


Let’s not forget that along with the innovation, competition and solutions, we will also be there to have some fun!  Activities offered at various points during the night include:


Market Tower Collaboratory


Ping Pong Tables

Shuffleboard Table



VisionLoft Event Center

Google Jam Board

BenQ Wall

Nureva Span Wall

20×14 Glass Black Board



Thanks to our sponsors, the Indiana Bond Bank will provide the following at FFC2020:


Kick-Off Dinner

Midnight Fuel

Light Breakfast

Closing Lunch

Caffeine Station (Coffee and Energy Drinks)

What Should I Wear?


Attendees are encouraged to wear what they will be most comfortable in for the amount of time that they will be there.  Whether you are staying all night or playing the role of the night owl or early riser, please dress accordingly.  For presentations, business casual is recommended.  Lockers will be available for storage and there is a male and female locker room in which participants can use to shower if needed.

What Should I Bring?


Short answer:  Bring whatever you think you will need to solve your challenge and create a captivating presentation for our units of government.  Pplease bring adapters, laptops, and any other electronic device that you will be using.  WIFI will be provided at both venues.  If you are staying all night, bring any amenities that you will wish to use.  Feel fee to bring your own snacks and drink as well.

Do I have to stay overnight?   


The Collaboratory has everything an innovator could ever want.  Breakout spaces, secure Wi-Fi, couches, etc etc etc.  Even better, enjoy the camaraderie and energy of your fellow innovators.  Finally, remaining onsite gives you the benefit of direct access to IBB staff for challenge questions, technical assistance and troubleshooting.  If that’s a few Monster Energy Drinks and an all-nighter, cool.


However, if you’re more of need-my-own-bed, you do you and come back in the morning for breakfast.  Or stake out one of the Collaboratory’s comfy couches to curl up on for some quick zzz’s.  Whatever you need.  Just plan to be onsite at the following 2 key times:


Event Kick-Off and Challenge Presentations Friday, February 28th | 6:00 PM – Kickoff Dinner                       

Saturday, February| 8:00AM- Solution Pitch & Presentations



At the end, you’ll have a chance to reveal your solutions and if selected, all FFC sponsors and subject matter professionals!  Your presentation method and style are totally up to you.  It can be one of your team or all of your team.  It can be fun or serious.  More information on the judging criteria to come.

Location and Parking


A unique event required a unique event-space.  And true to the FFC Spirit, we are taking the space to a new level with a dual-venue concept.  Here is how it will work:


VisionLoft Event Center


We couldn’t be more excited to partner with VisionLoft for FFC2020.  This portion of the event will host our kick-off dinner and unit of government consultation time.  Innovators will have access to the super-tech friendly VisionLoft toys like a Google Jam Board, BenQ wall, and the Nureva Span Wall and a 20×14 large glass black board with markers.


All boards are interactive and you are able to connect to the Nureva Span Wall through your phone by scanning a QR code.


VisionLoft Hours:

Friday: 5PM-10PM

Saturday: 8AM-2PM


Market Tower Collaboratory


Co-working space, meeting rooms, fun, games, couches, TV, networking, energy drinks, coffee:  The Collaboratory has it all.  Located at 10 West Market St, Indianapolis, IN just a half mile from VisionLoft, this portion of the event will host those who are committing to either elongated, or overnight working at FFC2020.


Transportation & Parking


Free parking will be available at the Market Tower Collaboratory’s attached parking garage located at 139 N. Illinois Parking Indianapolis, IN.  Transportation between the venues will be offered upon request when registering for the event.



Registration can be completed here!


Registration can be for pre-made teams, though all must register individually.

“All attendees, sponsors, partners, volunteers and staff at FFC are required to agree with this Code of Conduct. Organizers will enforce this Code throughout the event. Cooperation from each individually ensures a safe environment for everybody.”