Leaders in Public Finance: Tim Berry, Crowe LLP

Apr 19, 2022

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

Guest: Tim Berry, Managing Director, Crowe LLP

“Leaders in Public Finance” is a new podcast series through the Indiana Bondcast designed to highlight excellence in public finance. Through this series, you will hear from leaders across the public finance spectrum about their journey to a career in public finance.

In this episode, we are joined by Tim Berry, Managing Director in the consulting group at Crowe LLP, serving public sector clients. Tim specializes in providing financing expertise to government organizations. He has more than 20 years of financial experience in state and local governments, including work as a Mayoral Assistant, County Treasurer, Treasurer of State, Auditor of State, and State Chairman 🤯. He has been recognized by his peers as Indiana’s Most Outstanding County Treasurer and has received the Jesse Unruh award, which acknowledges the nation’s most outstanding state treasurer.

In this podcast episode, hear from Tim about:

  • The value of public service
  • How a high-school essay contest helped set his course for the public sector
  • Pathways and roles in public service
  • Self-satisfaction in public vs. private sector work
  • Evolving opportunities and challenges for all levels of government fiscal officers
  • Much, much more!

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