Leaders in Public Finance: Heidi Leonard, Regions Bank

Jun 18, 2020

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

Guest: Heidi Leonard, Vice President Government & Institutional Banking, Regions Bank

“Leaders in Public Finance” is a new podcast series through the Indiana Bondcast designed to highlight excellence in public finance. Through this series, you will hear from leaders across the public finance spectrum about their journey to a career in public finance.

In our eighth episode, we are joined by Heidi Leonard, Vice President Government & Institutional Banking at Regions Bank. Heidi has served the financial industry in various capacities for 25 years in cities from Chicago to New York to Indianapolis, which has been her family’s home for 12 years. Heidi manages the municipal lending portfolio for Regions Bank in 3 states, is an active member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee and teaches finance part time as associate faculty at the Kelley School of Business IUPUI campus.

Regions partners with Heidi to combine her interest in helping communities and universities with the financing of capital projects with her passion for education and helping students reach their career goals.

In this podcast episode, hear from Heidi about:

  • Life as a Jackson Pollock painting
  • How applying for 150 jobs made her see a different way to do things
  • “Collecting people” – a philosophy on mentors
  • Why “What job do you want?” is the wrong question to ask
  • How asking for feedback has changed her

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