Leaders in Public Finance: Chad Blacklock, Stifel

May 10, 2022

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

Guest: Chad Blocklock, Vice President, Stifel

“Leaders in Public Finance” is a new podcast series through the Indiana Bondcast designed to highlight excellence in public finance. Through this series, you will hear from leaders across the public finance spectrum about their journey to a career in public finance.

In this episode, we are joined by Chad Blacklock, Vice President at Stifel. Aside from his day to day work in public finance, Chad’s passion is with executive coaching and bringing the best out of individuals.

In this podcast episode, hear from Chad about:

  • 4 Must-Have ingredients for development
  • Working “in” the organization vs. working “on” the organization
  • Mentors vs. Coaches – the differences and what they do
  • The role of passion in work
  • One of the best books Chad has ever read
  • Why you might be offering your customers too many solutions
  • Number one constant complaint of leaders today
  • 3 simple words about what to do next

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