Indiana Bondcast | Leaders in Public Finance: Barry Gardner, MSD Wayne Township

Aug 30, 2022

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

Guest: Barry Gardner, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations, MSD Wayne Township

“Leaders in Public Finance” is a new podcast series through the Indiana Bondcast designed to highlight excellence in public finance. Through this series, you will hear from leaders across the public finance spectrum about their journey to a career in public finance.

In this episode, we are joined by Barry Gardner, Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations at MSD Wayne Township! Also having served as Chief Financial Officer at MSD Wayne Township and Brownsburg Community School Corporation, Barry’s experience alone in public finance could speak for itself. Luckily, Barry agreed to join us on the podcast and speak more to an overall theme of being a “new-school” School Business Official.

In this podcast episode, you’ll hear from Barry about:

  • How to create innovation and change within large organizations
  • The need to tell your story
  • What it’s like to operate a school building as large as 200 single family homes
  • Doing hard stuff…like testifying in front of state legislators
  • Why a continuous learning mindset is critical
  • The power of authenticity

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