FFC2022 Innovators Series: Indiana Bondcast

May 24, 2022

Host: Mark Wuellner, Executive Director, Indiana Bond Bank

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The innovation has concluded, prizes have been awarded, and the Flipping Finance Challenge 2022: Civic Super Heroes is all but wrapped up! In the first of two podcast series on FFC2022, you will hear from a handful of innovators who lent their time to help local Indiana communities with their most pressing challenges. Hear different perspectives on what they enjoyed most, what challenged them the most, and what made FFC2022 such a unique experience for all.

0:00 Team 1150 – Certis Montgomery, Josh Tooley George Comunale, Morgan Corwin, Tad Deren, William Guerra, Hunter Lumsdon, Brian Stone, Clint Wimmer

21:28 Team AU – Ron Brumbarger, Angie Murrell

31:47 Team CyberPunks – Ingrid Arreola, Darlesia Lee, Elisabeth Solchik, Jared Karban, Jon Cook

52:32 Team Guricza – Michelle Guricza

1:00:27 Team Young – Matt Young

1:12:29 No Money, No Problem Ashley Martin, Holly Serban, Monterius Hartz, Sam James, Kate Wampler

1:42:45 Team Roam – Jenifer Roam

2:01:39 Fish a Phish – Sai Prasad Chandrasekaran

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