Advance Funding Program

Cashflow Assistance

The Advance Funding Program assists local units of government with their annual cash flow needs. 


If your entity is anticipating cash flow difficulty due to the delay in the collection and distribution of property taxes as outlined in Executive Order 20-05,  the Midyear program will be your opportunity to borrow to cover your potential cash flow deficit.


  If your entity is interested in applying for cash flow assistance in any of the application rounds as outlined in the Participant Schedule, please complete the participation survey.


(Participation Survey Also Available in Fillable PDF


Upon completion of the Participation Survey, the Indiana Bond Bank will send you a copy of the full application packet.  In the meantime, please review the participant schedule below to become familiar with the application timeline accessed by clicking here.


We invite you to join us for a webinar with the IBB Team on April 1st at 1PM ETfor a program overview and Q&A session. Please click here to register for the webinar.  This will be the first of a variety of resources available about the Program.


  If you have questions regarding cash flow borrowing, please contact Ron Mangus at or at 317-233-0091.


For additional program information, please contact


Still not sure how the program works?  Check out the short video below?


Benefits of Pooled Financing

Interim Funds Available

Access to short term funds to keep things running smoothly

Competitive Rates

Low and all-inclusive

Detailed Application Assistance

Applications available in the Fall and Spring

No Bid Financing

Eliminates the time and hassle of finance bidding

Cash Flow Projection

Cash flow projections determine the amount you are eligible to borrow

Arbitrage Rebate Assistance

Assistance is provided in the unlikely event that an arbitrage rebate calculation is necessary

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