Advance Funding Program

Cashflow Assistance


The Advance Funding Program assists local units of government with cash flow financing due to delays in property tax collection. 



The Bond Bank is now accepting applications for the 2022 Advance Funding Program.  Since 1988, the Advance Funding Program has been helping entities with their cash flow needs.  In an effort for our staff to be prepared to serve your needs, we ask that you indicate below your intentions regarding participation in the 2022 Advance Funding Program.




Indicate Your Intent to Participate in the 2022 Advance Funding Program (Online)




Click Here to Complete a Fillable PDF Participation Survey




Benefits of Pooled Financing

Interim Funds Available

Access to short term funds to keep things running smoothly

Competitive Rates

Low and all-inclusive

Detailed Application Assistance

Applications available in the Fall and Spring

No Bid Financing

Eliminates the time and hassle of finance bidding

Cash Flow Projection

Cash flow projections determine the amount you are eligible to borrow

Arbitrage Rebate Assistance

Assistance is provided in the unlikely event that an arbitrage rebate calculation is necessary

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