Credit Enhancement RFP Feedback Webinar

08 Aug Credit Enhancement RFP Feedback Webinar

The team at Indiana Bond Bank invites you join us on August 15th from 4-5pm EST via webinar to provide feedback about an upcoming public solicitation.



In the recently ended Indiana legislative session, IBB championed a bill which authorizes a new-to-Indiana credit enhancement for local units of government.  With the bill now effective law, our focus shifts to building an accessible, value-add program for Hoosier qualified entities.


The next critical steps of program-building are two-fold: (a) crafting a financing structure(s) that maximizes the tool’s value for qualified entities and (b) building a financing team.  We plan to tackle these together by publishing a formal request for your ideas, with the goal to form a “Credit Enhancement Financing Team” from selected respondents. 



As we work on drafting the formal request, we need you!  As a new tool, there is not a template RFP for standard services.  We have the very exciting responsibility of bringing to life a new tool.  How better to make sure we’re on the right path than by talking with professionals who work with Indiana units of government daily?  


We invite you to join us on August 15th from 4-5pm EST on an interactive webinar. <<< REGISTER HERE>>>>   There, we will share our concept with you, and then listen to your feedback.  What questions have we not considered?  What is confusing?  What have we forgotten to address?  What can we add/subtract that would improve your likelihood of responding? 


Internally we’ve been thorough in our thought process, but I know we don’t have all the answers (or that we’ve even seen all the questions).  Help us be better now, so that when we do publish a final request, your time is spent on the critical business of responding – and not trying to understand our question. 



During the webinar IBB’s team will share:

  • Summary of Indiana House Bill 1473 (effective July 1, 2019), which creates a special purpose vehicle (SPV) credit enhancement tool
  • Preview of our draft request for financing structures to maximize 1473’s value for our customers, including:
    • Our objective with the request
    • Our draft list of assumptions & hypotheticals we are considering to assist you in crafting a response
    • Our draft list of the components of a complete response
    • Our draft timeline

The webinar function will allow for written, real-time questions and feedback throughout.  Members of IBB, its legal counsel and municipal advisor will be present on the webinar.



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