Fuel Budgeting Program

Protecting Fuel Budgets

About the Program

The Fuel Budgeting Program provides a tool for local government to protect their budgets against volatile fuel prices. Entities continue to purchase their fuel as normal. The IBB customizes its program to protect your budget.  Please contact us to learn more.

Fuel Budgeting Benefits

A Resource for Local Government

To insure budgets from volatility in fuel prices

Shared Program Costs

Costs are spread across entities to ensure efficiency

The Fuel Budgeting Process

  • Fuel Purchase

    You continue to purchase fuel from your local provider.

  • Application

    Short application available every September.

  • Level of Participation

    Maximum participation is 80% of annual consumption.

  • Legal Documents

    Participation in the program requires legal paperwork which is provided by the Bond Bank.

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