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The primary mission of the Indiana Bond Bank is to assist local government in obtaining low-cost financing for their operations. To achieve our mission, the Bond Bank has developed several programs tailored to specific financing needs. I encourage you to find out more about these programs offered by the Indiana Bond Bank.

Kelly Mitchell – State Treasurer & Chair, Indiana Bond Bank



The Bond Bank is now accepting applications for the 2018 Advance Funding Program and the 2018 Fuel Budgeting Program.  Please see below for the applicable program materials and applications.  Please submit all completed items to Matt Zimmerman at


2018 Advance Funding Cash Flow Template
2018 Advance Funding Program Application


2018 Fuel Budgeting Program Application

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Our mission is to assist local government in obtaining low-cost financing. To achieve this mission, we’ve developed several programs tailored to specific financing needs.

HELP Program

Financing Essential Equipment

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Community Funding Resource

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Interim Loan Program

Provides interim financing for USDA-RD projects during construction period.

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Advance Funding Program

Assists communities with cash flow needs.

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Fuel Budgeting Program

Protects fuel budgets

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Pool Program

Assists communities in issuing long-term debt.

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How It Works

The Bond Bank is a financing conduit. We purchase bonds and notes from local government, and in turn issue our own obligations to the open market. The pooling process provides savings through economies of scale.

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